Blockchain in media and entertainment: threat or opportunity?

Blockchain in Media and Entertainment, Cannes, May 2019

On 17 May, in the course of Cannes Film Festival, blockchain industry experts, leading investors and projects gathered to popularise the idea of blockchain for the media and entertainment industry top executives and show live cases with the focus on how blockchain can add value and solve painful industry inefficiencies.

«The Blockchain in Media and Entertainment summit at Cannes 2019 hosted by the Astra Group was an inspirational experience which included many guests from Film, Television and digital disciplines. The setting on the beach was unique, the conversation lively, the enthusiasm was genuine and as a speaker I learned a great deal about the interests and concerns of media producers from around the world.»
Marc Scarpa, Decentric Media

«The talk was very informative, and I appreciated that the panelists provided an insight of practical examples in which blockchain could impact film distribution!»
Patrizia Simone, European Audiovisual Observatory

«Thank you for hosting the event! It was a pleasure to participate in the panel, we had some great follow up discussions with attendees!»
Mathews Thomas, IBM


panel discussion with the participation of top speakers discussing hot topics of emerging technologies in the frames of main Media & Entertainment events.


to introduce new technologies to traditional decision-makers from the M&E industry and show real use cases.

More efficient sales and distribution resulting in automation and higher profits
Bringing content directly to the consumers
Cutting the middlemen making it easier to distribute revenues directly
Efficient protection of copyrights
Quick access to investors worldwide

Agenda & Speakers
Welcome Speech by Manuel Badel, Founder of Badel Media

PANEL I → Video

Blockchain solutions to ensure new level of protection of intellectual property. Cost optimisation and new revenue streams.

Uppal Mangla VP Telecom, Media & Entertainment at IBM
Harris Tulchin Chairman at Harris Tulchin & Associates
Irina Albita Co-founder of Big Couch and FilmChain
Sam Klebanov CEO at Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment
Greg Reitman Film Director, Producer, Blue Water Entertainment
Marc Scarpa Co-founder of Decentric Media

Keynote Speech by Alexander Shulgin → Video

PANEL II → Video

Tokenisation as a new method of financing films and media projects. How blockchain can help raising money for production?

Siqi Chen President, Chief Product Officer at Sandbox VR
Gleb Davidyuk Managing Partner at iTech Capital
Timothy Lewis CIO at Ikigai Asset Management
Dusica Lukac Partner at DL Capital Partners
Mathews Thomas Executive IT Architect at IBM